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Reas Construction Plc Completes 175 Million ETB Facility in Harar City

Harar, Ethiopia - Reas Construction Plc has successfully completed a 175 million Ethiopian Birr (ETB) facility in Harar City. The project, located inside the compound of Harari Police Biro, includes two buildings, a fence, a reservoir, and a septic tank. About the Project Image of Harar City, EthiopiaOpens in a new window Harar City, Ethiopia The project consists of: Two buildings: One G+4 and one G+2. The G+4 building will be used for office purposes. The G+2 building will be used for parking. A fence: To secure the compound. A reservoir: To provide water storage for the facility. A septic tank: To handle wastewater treatment. Benefits of the Project The completion of this project is expected to have a number of benefits for the Harari Police Biro, including: Improved working conditions: The new office building will provide a more modern and comfortable work environment for police officers. Increased parking space: The new parking garage will help to alleviate parking congestion in the area. Enhanced security: The new fence will improve the security of the compound. Improved water supply: The new reservoir will ensure a reliable water supply for the facility. Improved sanitation: The new septic tank will help to improve sanitation in the area. Official Statements "We are pleased to announce the completion of this important project," said a spokesperson for Reas Construction Plc. "We are confident that this facility will provide the Harari Police Biro with the resources they need to continue to serve the community effectively." "This project is a testament to the commitment of the government to improving the quality of life for all Ethiopians," said a government official. "We are grateful to Reas Construction Plc for their hard work and dedication to this project." Conclusion The completion of the 175 million ETB facility in Harar City is a major step forward for the Harari Police Biro. This project will provide the police force with the resources they need to continue to serve the community effectively.

Yared Abera

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